Lacrosse (W)

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  1. How can you get a crease roll to work? I keep trying and capturing but instead it plays back cutting the opposite way in front of the goal!?

  2. Hi Coach

    Here is the process that I follow:
    1 Drag the players to their starting positions. Press capture step.

    2 Move each player to their next spot. Remember that players cut in straight lines. Press capture step. Repeat this a few times.

    Note: pressing capture adds a new step right after the current step. If you need to replace the current step, then press the modify step button.

    You can always go one step at a time with the < key and the > key.

    My best guess is that you are adding a step when you want to replace a step. Or you have several copies of a bad step.

    Hope it helps
    - CT

  3. Can you store all the plays you made in one play book, and if so, how do you access it?

  4. I created a playbook. How do I find it if I leave the page and want to come back?

  5. hi! the website won't work on my end anymore. Any suggestions? Thank you!