Saturday, February 25, 2012

Using the 'Copy Playbook' Feature

Hi all

Here is how I use the copy playbook feature to protect myself from my own mistakes:
1) The first playbook is the primary one - this is the one that keeps getting bigger and I only send links out for this one.
2) When I make a copy, I name it with the current date and hope I never need it.
3) I keep a Google Doc with all of my owner links, including the copies. You can use any document or even browser bookmarks, just keep it private.
4) If I really mess up the primary playbook, then I go to the Google Doc and follow the link to the latest copy. This would then become the primary and I would forget about the old primary. I would have to send out the coaches and players links.

Here is another way you can use the 'Copy Playbook' feature for quick collaboration:
1) Scout a team and capture their set plays in a playbook.
2) Make a copy or two. As always, keep track of the owner links in a safe and private manner.
3) For each copy, send the coaches link to a coach and ask them for their ideas. 
4) You can collaborate, as long as you follow one rule: Only one person updates at a time. I recommend that one person uses the coaches link while the other person uses the players link. 
5) The other person has to refresh their browser to see the latest changes.

Hope it helps
 - CT