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Tool Tips
Scouting the Opposition
Sideline Out of Bounds Plays
Simple Stack
Box - Inbounder is Cutter
Jet Inbounds Play

Baseline Out of Bounds Plays
Box Against a 2-3 Zone

Offense with Overload to One Side
Overload Featuring the 4 and 5
Overload Featuring the 1

Individual Skills
Moving Without the Ball
Pass and Screen Away Drills

Defensive Slides for 1-2-2


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  6. This app sucks.

    No instructions

    No trouble shooting

    Drag the drags.....everything else seems to work.

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  12. I have a number of plays set up here. I am receiving an "Error: Server Error" on the links I reference. I see setting up new plays works fine. Just noticed this last Friday. Anyone else have a similar problem?

    1. I can't even set up new plays anymore. Got a lot of plays on here... Hope it's just a server issue

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  15. Hey guys, when will the server be fixed???

  16. If this isn't coming back. Does anyone have an alternative site providing the same tools to create and share?

  17. Hey Admin, please get this back, some of my share play was made in this web

  18. The site is not working. I get an error when I try to go to my playbook

  19. They site appears to be down again. It worked for me during November. Though this portion seems to work for whatever reason:

  20. Heartbroken to see it go! I think you've got a good community here that would do what we need to bring it back! LOVE this website!