Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sustainability of ShareThePlay

If you are considering spending your valuable time creating plays on ShareThePlay, you may have some questions, such as 'Will this site be around in 4 seasons? 6? How about 10?' and 'Will it still be free?'

We are quite confident that the answer is yes to both! Our costs are low for two reasons. We do all of the work ourselves. Second, is hosted on Google's App Engine, which allows sites to run on Google's infrastructure. A site with light traffic is almost free. As the site gets more traffic, the site's owners pay incremental costs. However, the thresholds are very generous and the incremental costs are very competitive. So, there is little or no cost until there is meaningful traffic and the site can be profitable if there is meaningful traffic.

There are two additional reasons to be confident. First, I use ShareThePlay when coaching my own daughter and we have a few years left! Second, ShareThePlay allows us to accumulate interesting professional experience with technologies that our day jobs just are not ready for. 

 - CT